1 bad experience away from gaining weight

1 bad experience away from gaining weight

A lot of us are inching our way into becoming bigger, bigger, and bigger. With each life event that happens, our weight just keeps piling on.

I’m happy -> gain weight

I’m sad -> gain weight

I’m joyful -> gain weight

I graduated -> gain weight

Vacation -> gain weight

I’m bored -> gain weight

My hearts broken -> gain weight

I’m lonely -> gain weight

I’m lazy -> gain weight

It goes on and on…

This has become our self destructive behavior. Why can’t we adopt this mantra instead?

I’m happy -> become healthier

I’m sad -> become healthier

I’m joyful -> become healthier

I graduated -> become healthier


The reason why we its hard for many of us to make the switch is because of our identity. Think about how much of your identity identifies with food. I want you to sit back and think about it for a moment. Think about how we justify some of our destructive behaviors. What excuse do you use to justify a destructive behavior? How good of an excuse is it? Do you really believe that excuse? Do you think other people believe it?

Are you capable of acknowledging a self destructive behavior? If you can acknowledge it, you can gain power. If you come up with an excuse to excuse your destructive behavior, the ego has taken over your soul.

If you are looking to beat this self destructive behavior, contact me. I created a Support Group that will not help you overcome the self destructive behavior but establish a new identity that empowers you. This will enhance your life tremendously. You deserve to get the health and body you want and need. Take the leap

Spiritual Fitness Coach,


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